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I first discovered the joy that children get from personalized stories many years ago when I told my children stories that featured them. It was great to see the awe and excitement on their cute little faces as they listened with rapt attention to every single word. At the end of each story, there were always cries of, “Tell us another story, Mama!” and “Just one more, please, Mama!” etc. It was not difficult to know why my children loved the stories; they were always the hero/heroine in the different stories. Even though I had been writing for many years and already had some of my works published, it did not occur to me then to get these stories printed and personalized for different children.

While schooling in the United States some years ago, I got some personalized books for my children and some of my friends’ children. The reception was amazing: both children and adults loved the books! The children were thrilled to read stories about themselves. I had several requests from parents to get personalized books for their children. However, I was not entirely satisfied with the personalized books I had seen. I desired to see personalized books that would not only entertain and affirm the child, but at the same time, inculcate positive values and showcase something of the African culture. I realized that I could meet the requests for personalized books and my personal desire to positively affect lives through literature by creating a business that would make personalized storybooks for children. Thus, MyRainbowBooks (MRB) Limited was birthed.

With the help of my husband, Ubong, I wrote the business plan. That completed, I set about writing the stories, and also developed the concepts for the different books. Our watchword at MRB is excellence; it was therefore very important that at every stage we got the right people to work on the project. After several brainstorming sessions with my team, I found and hired an editor, a team of illustrators, a software developer, and many other professionals to work on other aspects of the business. Well, here we are today!

At MRB, our goal is to create high quality personalized books that make reading fun for children, build the child’s self-esteem by celebrating him/her, and at the same time, inculcate the right values in the child. It has been exciting to read the wonderful reviews and comments about our different books. My sincere hope is that you and your family and friends enjoy our books and find in them keepsakes that are forever treasured.

- Isang Awah, Founder, MyRainbowBooks Ltd., Nigeria


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